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Sehi Solutions
For over 30 years, Sehi Computer Products has remained dedicated to customer success, focused on delivering values, and committed to helping reduce technology costs

Value Added Services
Sehi Computer Products is committed to providing the best services to its customers with the following value added services:

  • Quarterly Product Briefings
    Sehi provides quarterly updates on currents products. Sehi will provide quarterly briefings under Non-Disclosure to provide primary knowledge of future product and program road maps. These briefings will assist through the planning and evaluation of future IT purchasing standards
  • Product Evaluation Program
    Sehi provides selected new products for use and testing. These new products will be offered for an evaluation period of 30 days. After a 30-day period, the customer will have the option of either returning the product or purchasing these systems at a highly discounted price
  • Equipment Recycling
    Sehi works with local recycling companies to get the best value for recycled equipment as possible. Due to market conditions and condition of the equipment, there may not be a value but a disposal cost. Sehi will offer “at cost” recycling of the equipment, charging only what the recycling company charges us. Sehi Computer Products will de-install the equipment at no cost. This is condition on an agreement the agency purchases computers and/or printers from Sehi, where we provide ta competitive price for the purchase of equivalent, or other equipment, such as printers, servers, etc. of similar product type. Sehi includes a breakdown of equipment recycled, as well as a certificate from the recycler documenting that the recycling met all legal requirements for equipment as specified in the bid specifications. The recycling process will include either a DOD wipe of the hard drive, or shredding of the hard drive if operational
  • Client Liaison
    Sehi can provides on-site client liaison through the contact term to provide support that consists of the following, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the business or school
    • Act as a trusted technology advisor
    • Work in harmony with all parties on technology and strategic planning
    • Address customer satisfaction issues
    • Keep current on technology solution and advancements
    • Assist in selection of technology products and services
    • Assist with beta test site evaluations under non-disclosure agreements
    • Assist in coordinating marketing and technology events
  • Professional Development
    Sehi can provide professional development as a continuous service by providing consultation, trainings, presentations, or webinars to help your staff learn about new technology products, how to apply them, and help develop new digital skills. This can help your staff embrace new technology and multimedia, empower them to teach others, and help them be more productive and creative with their technology tools

Managed Print Services
If your environment is like most your imaging and printing infrastructure probably consists of too much equipment scattered across various locations around your institution. The result is an uncontrolled environment with an inflexible imaging and printing infrastructure, disparate devices and systems, and stress on your resources and budget.

Managed Print Services helps you take advantage of a flexible, scalable, enterprise-class imaging and printing infrastructure that can adapt quickly to business and technology changes. HP offers a scalable portfolio of reliable products, solutions, and services that can be customized to meet your organization’s requirements. MPS can provide the following:

  • Workshops and Assessments
    Help you understand your current usage, find hidden costs, and develop a business case for change
  • Financial and Procurement Services
    Help you manage your lowest total cost of ownership, reduce and manage capital outlay, managing older equipment and simplify hardware procurement
  • Transition and Implementation Services
    Help ensure that the right equipment and software is installed and people know how to use the technologies and new capabilities
  • Management and Support Services
    Enable ongoing ROI through fleet uptime and optimization, support services, and supplies management. You are provided a single point of contact and accountability as well as visibility into usage trends, capacity utilization, and expenditures
  • Document and Workflow Services
    Help automate paper-intensive process for better outcomes

Xerox Page Pack
XRPS (Page Pack) is an all-inclusive supplies and service program for selected professional Xerox office and advanced single and multi-function printing devices. Service and supplies are combined into one simple monthly plan for worry-free printing – you only supply the paper. No need to worry about print area coverage or hidden costs involved in printing your documents. With a fixed cost per page, Page Pack provides regular, monthly invoices enabling you to accurately budget for your office printing needs.

Google Services

  • Chromebooks
    Sehi is certified for repair on both Samsung and HP Chromebooks. We have competitive pricing models that fit any school’s budget. WE also offer a full line of Google White Glove services
  • Google Chrome Management Console
    Planning, deployment and first-time set up. Help with designing the Management Console and developing the organizational units/classes and the rights associated with them. Help with administering the domain and its settings
  • White Glove Services
    Preparing the device for teachers/students to use to complete the enrollment of the Chromebook device into the school’s Management Console, full updates, and school personalization
  • Asset Tagging
    Keep an accurate inventory of your district’s technology assets with asset tagging, management, and reporting for your school’s mobile technology
  • Chromebook Etching
    Keep Mobile technology is a common target for thieves. Custom etching enhances the look of your technology while helping to prevent loss and deter theft. Sehi can etch your devices with identification, or add your school’s brand to your equipment