Equipment Recycling

Sehi works with local recycling companies to get the best value for recycled equipment as possible. Due to market conditions and condition of the equipment, there may not be a value but a disposal cost. Sehi will offer “at cost” recycling of the equipment, charging only what the recycling company charges us. Sehi Computer Products will de-install the equipment at no cost. This is condition on an agreement the agency purchases computers and/or printers from Sehi, where we provide ta competitive price for the purchase of equivalent, or other equipment, such as printers, servers, etc. of similar product type. Sehi includes a breakdown of equipment recycled, as well as a certificate from the recycler documenting that the recycling met all legal requirements for equipment as specified in the bid specifications. The recycling process will include either a DOD wipe of the hard drive or shredding of the hard drive, if operational